Thanks to the marvel that is modern technology, virtual reality is finally entering mainstream gaming! Hurrah! 

II personally love the idea of virtual reality; true immersion in a fictional world. This is the stuff of dreams. But will virtual reality eventually continue to grow and eventually take over the gaming industry? 

In short, no. In long:


With the advent of decent mobile tech (yay, final fantasy IX on mobile, at last!), the gaming market has increased hugely, attracting formerly non-gamers with the allure of many pick-up-and-play casual titles. I dare say that many members of this demographic will have been uninitiated into the gaming world, or might well be retro gamers returning to the hobby/lifestyle after many years away.

Can you use VR while you’re out and about, or on the loo? Can you whip out a VR headset on the train?

The answer is: yes, but you’ll look and idiot and likely injure yourself. 

EDIT: Could this be addressed with Augmented Reality; a snippet of potential we’ve seen with Google Glass?


Even with technology improving considerably, the aspect of comfort plays a large part in utilizing VR effectively. For those who enjoy extended gaming sessions of several hours, the eye strain and motion sickness that would otherwise be absent if playing on a large-screen TV impact on significantly on the comfort of the player.


There’s a huge demographic out there of families who enjoy gaming together, many of those retro-gamers who now stamp their geeky identity onto their kids by forcing them to play the kinds of games that they themselves enjoy(ed). And there are many members of the younger generation